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Meet lumié

Where design, craftsmanship and application expertise come together at an exceptional price.
With nearly half a century of design heritage, Lumié introduces an array of scintillating embellishments to bring brilliance, beauty, grace and glamour to complement your finest designs and products.
Lumié believe that their high-quality crystals are as beautiful as anything you can find on the market and with the current scarcity of products, they have stepped in to put the needs of customers first – their full range of shapes, sizes and colours are always available and can be purchased in convenient, smaller quantities.
Lumié can also offer invaluable expertise when it comes to crystal application; their design know-how covers all types of application, so they can guarantee their customers the most dazzling results every time.
In a kaleidoscope of 20 captivating colours, Lumié crystals are flawless, on trend and the perfect colour-match for your own unique applications. In dramatic monochrome, or vibrant, multicolour combinations, their crystals sparkle like the finest gemstones and set the world alight!
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Crystal accessories and components
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