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We Are Leaders in Apparel Crystal Embellishment

There are few things as captivating as a crystal embellished dress. Whether you’re a dancer, performer or movie star, harnessing the enticing power of crystal is key in keeping all eyes firmly on you. At Crystal Clover we have honed a unique position in the industry; bringing together the world’s finest crystals whilst also accumulating years of knowledge of how crystals move and catch the light as they’re worn. We bring this expertise and unique understanding to every single client enquiry building our unrivalled position in the world of crystal embellishment. 

A Crystallized Heritage

Since the 1980’s, our sister company Chrisanne Clover has been supplying crystals to dressmakers across the globe as well as also designing a range of competition dance Haute Couture and practice wear. Our unmatched knowledge gained in the ballrooms of the world, as well as working with the finest crystal producers like Swarovski and Preciosa, has naturally put our sales and design teams at the forefront of the crystal industry, enabling us to offer unparalleled guidance and support.

As the love of crystal shimmers across the whole of the fashion industry we can apply our wealth of understanding and market innovation across

• Crystals for stage costumes and cabaret like Burlesque
• Crystal embellishment of Bridal wear and wedding accessories
• Crystal application of high-end luxury and designer fashion garments
• Crystals for dance and sportswear, eg. competition ballroom and gymnastics.

For further information please contact our Crystal Sales Team on 0208 1941000 or email here. Alternatively, simply fill in our Enquiry Form and one of our experienced advisors will contact you very shortly.

Costumes & Cabaret

When you’re centre stage you want to know you’re looking your absolute best. With access to the world’s finest crystals and the Crystal Clover Design Studio
supporting you from the wings you’ll always know all eyes are on you.


Crystals are made for special occasions and occasions don’t get much bigger than weddings. Our stunning range of white, white opal and honey stones will surely
add that essential touch of luxury to the most important dress of your life.

Dress & Couture

With one of the largest and finest ranges of crystals in the world we know you’ll find the perfect colour and shape. Choose from a rainbow of exquisite colours and an array of crystals, beads and pearls – each one equally captivating and flawless.

Dance & Sportwear

We have built up many years of knowledge in the application of crystals to competition dance and sportwear. We understand that a
dress needs to perform perfectly throughout a routine and that it should always feel as wonderful as it looks.

For further information please contact our Sales Team on 0208 1941000 or email here.

Discover Chrisanne Clover’s stunning dance competition couture

embellished with Swarovski® Crystals

Crystal Clover Couture Dress