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Placing the Perfect Crystal in the Perfect Position

Many of the clients of our sister company Chrisanne Clover come to them not only for the most capivating ballgowns but also for the coordinating crystal necklace, fascinator or shoes. The knowledge we have amassed over the years within the world of apparel accessories has resulted in a unique understanding of the way crystals excel in each setting. We’ve become adept in mastering how they move, reflect light and of course wear. Due to the constant movement and connection with other surfaces, a crystal’s durability is key to a long-lasting finish of any accessory, whether a piece of jewellery or a pair of shoes. This is where Crystal Clover’s experience outshines expectations. Our sales and design teams are on hand to guide you in the right direction when choosing a crystal component for your product; whether it’s in the traditional apparel and jewellery sectors or the more avantgarde world of crystal body art and nails.

An Accessory to Desire

Our list of crystal clients extends to all areas of crystal application and embellishment, and the crystal accessory sector continues to be as fast-paced and diverse as any. With the support of the world’s finest crystal producers, like Swarovski and Preciosa, we are able to provide the most desirable and state-of-the-art crystal components available today. The world of apparel accessories is challenging and exciting, but like all good things you have to start with the best quality ingredients.

Here are just a few of the many markets we supply across the world of luxury crystal accessories

• crystal for apparel accessories including footwear, bags, hats and belts,
• crystal embellishment of luxury watches and fashion jewellery,
• crystal application for the body and nails,
• and crystals suitable for pets and equestrian use eg. dog/cat apparel & accessories and horse dressage bridles.

For further information about crystal accessories please contact our Sales Team on 0208 1941000 or email here. Alternatively, simply fill in our Enquiry Form and one of our experienced advisors will contact you very shortly.

Apparel Accessories

From belts, hats and shoes to handbags, cases and purses; when it comes to accessories it’s the crystal choice as well as the fixing type that’s critical in ensuring the durability and permanence of the stone. This is where our dance background really comes to the fore.

Watches & Jewellery

We pride ourselves on supplying a collection of crystals that is not only chic but also totally indistinguishable from the gemstones they emulate. And with Swarovski and Preciosa’s
quality you can always be assured of an impeccable, elegant finish.

Body Art & Nails

Over the past few years the world of crystal body art and nails has grown and grown. With a multitude of crystal colours, sizes, cuts and fixings our range is one of the best in the world, and is supported by our wealth of knowledge in the competition dance scene.

Pets & Equestrian

Another exciting and growing sector for us. Our diverse range of crystals are equally at home adorning a horse bridle or dog collar as a clutch bag or belt, and they have the durability to survive the rigours of an active outdoor life.

For further information please contact our Sales Team on 0208 1941000 or email here.

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