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Heralding a New Era in Interior Crystal Expertise

Whilst attending competitions and exhibitions at some of the most spectacular ballrooms and grand venues across the world we’ve become captivated by the way crystal can transform an entire interior space. From the grandest chandeliers to crystal encrusted staircases we believe there’s nothing that the beauty of crystal cannot enhance. This love of crystal and what it can achieve is a passion for us all at Crystal Clover.

Understanding the way in which a crystal can be successfully fixed, as well as how it transforms when sunlight and artificial light is passed through it, is crucial to a successful interiors project. The Crystal Clover design and sales teams are experienced in crystal application in its many forms and bring with them a wealth of crystal component expertise. Every one of our crystal recommendations is backed by our sheer passion for crystal, as well as our application know-how.

Creating a Spellbinding Ambience

From a simple crystal studded cushion to a full floor-to-ceiling bead curtain, crystal has the capability to add luxury and drama to any space, but it can also do so within any budget. Our range of the most dazzling crystals from Swarovski and Preciosa gives you the opportunity to choose exactly the right cut and type to suit your project, whether it’s:

• crystal for any crystal lighting project, from classic chandeliers to modern crystal installations,

• crystal embellishment of furniture and soft furnishings including cushions, curtains and seating,

• crystal application of ceilings, walls, floors and even whole buildings,

• or crystals for unique, eye-catching homewares and home accessories.

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Our range of crystal pendants and beads are simply perfect for bringing all your crystal lighting concepts to life. From traditional chandelier glass droplets to ultra-modern crystal cut for light installations they add instant glamour and sparkle to any room.

Furniture & Soft Furnishing

Bring opulence and prestige to any room with our world-class range of crystal components. Check out our full spectrum of exquisite colours across every flatback, bead and cupchain. You’ll find everything you need for your crystallised furnishing project.

Design & Architecture

There really isn’t an interior project too large for the Crystal Clover team. Whether your crystal concept needs to highlight a room’s special feature or indeed be embedded across an entire ceiling, our crystals can grace any surface and add theatre to any space.


With a sensational range of hotfix and non-hotfix flatbacks, which can be applied to practically any surface, any home accessory can be given a little Crystal Clover magic.Each fabulously cut crystal gives you the option to add just a subtle crystal glint or go all out bling!

For further information please contact our Sales Team on 0208 1941000 or email here.